1. BusBooking.lk? What is it?

BusBooking.lk is Sri Lanka’s first ever booking & reservation services provider for public passenger transport sector with a fully automated multi-platform booking engine.

  1. What can I do with this?

With this service, passengers and commuters can inquire about bus fares Sri Lanka, locate bus routes and purchase their journey tickets and reserve seats in advance, without waiting in long passenger queues at bus stations. Additionally you don't have to waste long hours at bus stations not knowing the exact departure & arrival time of the bus service. Simply, now you can now book any long distance bus in Sri Lanka, without any hassle.

  1. That means, I can purchase a ticket & reserve a bus seat from home, right?

Absolutely Yes! The process is really simple and fully automated. You can now reserve a seat with your computer by visiting our website or even with your mobile phone.

  1. How can I make a seat reservations with my computer?

If you are using a computer, laptop or a tablet please log into our website, www.busbooking.lk and automated system will direct you in all three languages to make the reservation.

  1. I don’t have time to login with a computer. Can I use my phone?

Yeah sure! Based on the type of your phone, you can either access our system with a smartphone app or telco app. If you are using a smartphone, please download our mobile app compatible with the phone operating system, which can be Android, iOS or Windows. Further if you are using a basic feature phone, you can access our booking engine even with SMS & USSD services.

  1. I’m not familiar with the computer or smartphone. What can I do?

Not to worry. Feel free to call our hotline, 0772872877. Our customer service executives will help you to resolve all your queries and assist you to reserve seat for a happy and enjoyable journey. Plus you can access this service all throughout the day, 365 days a year. Simply, everyday at anytime.

  1. Can I make the payment for a online seat reservation, using my credit card?

Yes. We accept all three leading credit cards available in Sri Lanka, via our secured internet payment gateway. You can make the payments with your Visa, Master or Amex credit card irrespective of the bank issued.

  1. I don’t have a credit card. Can I use my bank ATM card?

Yes you can! But before you use your ATM debit card or ATM shopping card, you should get the one time approval from the bank issued. Please call your bank on below mentioned numbers to get the additional details.

Bank of Ceylon - 0112446790

National Savings Bank - 0112379379

Peoples Bank - 0112481481

Sampath Bank - 0112303050

Commercial Bank - 0115486000

Hatton National Bank - 0114523543

Seylan Bank - 0112008888

Nations Trust Bank - 0114711411

HSBC Bank - 0114472200

  1. Does BusBooking.lk accept mobile-cash payments?

Yes. BusBooking.lk is promoting cutting edge technology to make our customers life easier. So now you can use eZcash with your Dialog, Etisalat or Hutch connection and mCash with your Mobitel connection.

  1. Can I pay cash for a reservation?

Can! We believe that we should make available every possible option to our customers for a better reach. Please visit your nearest BusBooking.lk agent center to make the payment in cash.

  1. 07X2872877? Is this a hotline number? :P

Yes, we understand. At a glance it doesn’t look like a general hotline number which get registered in your mind easily. But we thought of simplifying the whole process. So now you don’t have to remember our number. Simply take your phone out and type “booking” on the number pad, our hotline number will appear on your mobile phone screen in no time. We are here to simplify the booking process and amplify the value to the end consumer.

  1. Can I reserve any bus with BusBooking.lk service?

Yeah. you can reserve any interprovincial long distance travelling bus which can be either normal non A/C service, semi luxury non A/C service, luxury A/C service or super luxury A/C express service.

  1. Will I get a better service from bus service staff, as a prepaid passenger?

Definitely. We are operating with highly regulated and well disciplined bus transport service providers for a better customer experience. So we can promise that the bus transport service providers who are listed in our service will provide a far better customer service when compared to the rest. We always keep a close track on the punctuality, bus staff behavior and quality of the bus. Always feel free to contact our customer service executives via our hotline to log a complaint, if you are not satisfied with the service level provided at the bus or during the process.

  1. Do I have to pay extra for the reservation and booking service?

Yes. We are charging you an additional fee to cover-up our technical and related services cost. So you have to pay the bus fare plus a reservation charge, for a specific booking. But we believe that we can add more value than the additional cost by reducing your non-value adding time at long passenger queues and eliminating the waiting time. We do hope you can spend this wasted time with your loved ones, from now on. More time means more freedom.

  1. Can I cancel a specific booking?

Yes, you can. But the cancellation should be 24 hour prior to the reserved journey. The process will be FREE of CHARGE and you will be issued an eCash coupon to your mobile which can be used only for the specific passenger who has cancelled the ticket. The passenger will be able to make a future cashless booking, providing the eCash coupon number and the national identity card number. Please feel free to contact our customer services executives via our hotline if you need additional information on this.

  1. Can I get a cash refund for a cancellation?

No. We do not refund cash for passengers under normal circumstances. But if the passenger is demanding a cash refund, we can refund the amount to his/her bank account after deducting transaction fees & handling fee. Please feel free to contact our customer services executives via our hotline if you need additional information on this.